It’s simple. Order your e-bike on this website. You will receive an order confirmation, and after that, we will schedule in a pick-up date with you. Location and dates can be found here.

The first 100 applications receive a one-off € 20,- discount. This way you’ll ride the e-bike to go for only € 89,- in the first month.

For a monthly fee of only € 109,- you can ride an e-bike to go carefree. This includes the e-bike as well as a swap service and maintenance. With the XXL-battery you can reach up to 70 km with a full charge. The fast charger enables you to have a fully charged battery within 4 hours. Also, the subscription is monthly cancelable.

We’ll provide a safe and corona-proof delivery service for our e-bikes. You’ll pick up the e-bike at a central location in Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels, in the open air. Our drivers are from non-red zones. Your e-bike will be cleaned and our colleagues will maintain a safe distance at all times. 

No problem! As long as you pick up the e-bike in Antwerp, Ghent or Brussels, you can use the e-bike anywhere across Belgium.

From December on, we’ll have a weekly stand at a central location in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. Here you can either pick up, return or swap an e-bike. Location and dates can be found here.

That’s possible! Do you receive a bike reimbursement from your employer? Then it’s very beneficial to lease an e-bike to go.

The subscription is monthly cancellable, which makes it very flexible! Do note: there will be one last invoice after the subscription has been canceled.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Send us a message on Whatsapp. We’ll answer as soon as possible. We’re available during business hours (Monday till Friday between 08.30 and 17.00).