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Let’s introduce
E-bike to go for business likes to help organizations to get going. Our e-bikes can be the answer for many problems or questions. This is exactly what Rishan Chaitram, owner of Subway Amersfoort , experienced. At this point he has several e-bikes in use. In this case he explains which problem had occured at his store and how e-bike to go was able to help.

“We use them daily, especially for short distances and in the city centre. I couldn't be more satisfied!”

A time for new e-bikes 
When Rishan took over the Subway establishment from the previous owner, he also received an in-house e-bike . “the bike didn’t last long, it was old and of bad quality”, says Rishan. “I needed a new one, because I use them for delivery. This is my own store, so the e-bikes are only used at the Subway I manage and own”.

Convenient in the city centre 
The e-bikes have used for over a year, and they’ve been used a lot. Next to e-bikes, Rishan also uses a car and a scooter to deliver meals. Especially the short distances and the deliveries in the city centre are made for the e-bike to go. “We use them daily and I’m very satisfied”. If something’s not working, you’ll sometimes have to wait a little, but e-bike to go always fixes the problem”, thus Rishan. What about the delivery riders? “They love the e-bike, but secretly want them to go even faster. But hey, that’s how they’re designed”, laughs Rishan.

Rishan Chaitram

Owner Subway Amersfoort

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