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Let’s introduce 
E-bike to go for business likes to help organizations to get going. Our e-bikes can be the answer for many problems or questions. This is exactly  what Van Der Valk Hotel Stein – Urmond experienced. At this point they have several e-bikes in use. In this case Iverna Flaims, Frontoffice Manager, explains which problem had occured and how e-bike to go was able to help.

“We've never had a broken e-bike. They are perfect!”

A time for new e-bikes
Van Der Valk Hotel Stein – Urmond was already familiar with the concept of the e-bike. At first, they had purchased e-bikes to be used by their guests. However, these e-bikes were soon outdated, because the technique regarding e-bikes had developed very fast. “We used to constantly have problems with the battery. Sometimes the guests would phone us to come get them because the battery wasn’t working. We wanted to get rid of this problem”, says Iverna.

And we found the solution
In our search for an organization who could help us, e-bike to go was able to fulfil our needs as soon as possible. Iverna tells: “we were talking with another party, only they regulated heavily on the maintenance of the e-bike. E-bike to go provided a better service, so it was an easy decision”.  And with immediate results: no more guests calling with battery trouble or complaints about the e-bikes. “We ‘ve never had a broken e-bike. We’re very satisfied – they are perfect!”, thus Iverna.

What do the guests think? 
Iverna likes that they can offer an extra service with the help of e-bike to go. “We’ve created bikingarrangements and via routes.nl guests can download sightseeing routes. We’re located in an area with a lot of hills, so if you cycle uphill an e-bike is always welcome”, thus Iverna. What about the Van Der Valk team itself? Everyone from our front desk team was very enthusiastic”, she laughs. “It’s better and easier to sell the experience if you’ve done it yourself!”

Iverna Flaim

Frontoffice Manager of the Van Der Valk Hotel Stein – Urmond

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