E-bike to go is now powered by Noord. Read all about it.

the toughest
e-bike around

Integrated lighting

As is the case for every part of the e-bike to go, we have chosen to implement the most durable solution into our e-bike’s lighting. The LED-lighting is actually integrated in the frame and thereby fully protected. Moreover, the LED-lighting is energy-saving in itself. The life-expectancy of our integrated LED is four times longer than that of conventional lighting.

belt drive

The gear drive of the e-bike – also called Belt Drive – is made of carbon. The Belt Drive is seen as a substantial innovation within the bicycle field. Contrary to the traditional bicycle chain, the Belt Drive is actually silent, clean and sustainable. Also, the Belt Drive never has to be oiled and always runs smooth.

Anti-puncture tires

The anti-puncture tires ensure that the e-bike is super solid. This extra layer specifically prevents glass pieces and other sharp objects from piercing through and causing a flat tire. Next to protection, the tires also produce extra comfort: the air in the inner tube absorbs impact. This creates a smooth e-bike experience. The outer tube ensures protection and grip while riding the e-bike.

XXL-battery and fast charger

The XXL-battery takes you anywhere you want. The 500 Watt battery is made of the highest quality lithium and has a range of at least 70 kilometers. In other words: with the right conditions, you are able to travel 70 kilometers, without charging the battery. Is your battery empty? No worries. With the fast charger your battery is fully charged within 4 hours. 




Ecomo 250W
Shimano Nexus 7 with coaster brake
Brake (front)
Shimano Nexus Rollerbrake
Schwalbe Marathon Plus 47 mm (anti-puncture)
Ursus Jumbo double kickstand
Frames lock
Axa Defender ART 2
Extra lock
AXA plug-in chain
Front carrier
Capacity 10 kg
250 Watt
7 speed
Frame size
50 (with adjustable seat, one size fits all)
Accessories (optional)
Child seat, smartphone holder
2.5 kg
Distance (max)
70 km
100% charged in 4 hours, 80% in 2 hours
504 Wh
80x90x300 mm


Yes, e-bike to go is directly available. You can pick up the bike at our Brand Store or at on of the our pick-up locations. We can also deliver the e-bike to your doorstep. We will contact you to schedule in the delivery.

Ready to roll? You can order your new e-bike quickly and easily through the registration page. When we have received your data, we’ll deliver the e-bike as soon as possible. The e-bike will be delivered on weekdays between 08:30 and 17:00. The bicycle may be accepted by someone other than the customer, as long as that person can show (a copy of) a valid identification of the customer.

At only €29,99,- a week you’ll receive an e-bike to go including maintenance and damage insurance. We provide a super fast swap service.

Report the damage through your personal MyBike account and we’ll exchange your e-bike for a new one as soon as possible. This ensures you have a functioning e-bike at your disposal quickly.

The distance you can cover on a full battery depends on a range of factors, like outside temperature, weight of the rider, tire pressure and driving style. If it’s not too cold outside and the tires are properly inflated, a rider with an average body type can expect a range of 70 kilometers. 

Your subscription starts when you have received your e-bike. You can register over here (also in advance).

E-bike to go offers the most flexible e-bike subscription in the Netherlands. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want. After you’ve canceled, you will pay for one more month.

There is an input on the right side of the battery where you can connect the charger. You can charge the battery when it is placed in the e-bike or you can slide it out of the frame and charge it inside your house. 

In only two hours the battery is charged to 80%. It will only take four hours to fully charge the battery.

Is your e-bike stolen? That’s extremely annoying! We will help you so you can cruise on the e-bike once again! First of all, you can report the theft on you personal MyBike account. We will need the following information in order to process the stolen e-bike: bike number, location, time, date and a short recap of the theft. We charge an own risk of €700,- per theft; €350,- for the e-bike and €350,- for the battery. Once we’ve received the own risk payment, you’ll receive a new bike as soon as possible! 

It takes four hours to fully charge the battery.

You can always charge the battery when it is not empty yet. Due to the smart battery management system, the battery will only charge the empty cells. This ensures that you do not need to bike until the battery is empty. 

The e-bike has 7 gears. You can easily operate the gears with the switch at the right handle of the steering wheel. 

Of course! The e-bike fits on most bicycle carriers. It’s always nice to have the e-bike around when you are on vacation. 

No sweat. The e-bike has a top speed of 25 km/h. Also, you do not need to wear a helmet on our e-bike! 

The power button is located on the battery. To turn on the e-bike, you have to press the power button for at least 3 seconds. You can be sure the e-bike is fully functional, as soon as the rear lights ignite. 

The invoice for the subscription will be send by email every week. 

Because it’s hard to say goodbye to our bikes, it is not possible to buy the e-bike to go. We do deliver the e-bike with a subscription. For the monthly subscription fee you’ll get our full service package. Check out our subscriptions via this link.

You can also reach us during office hours (Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm) at info@ebiketogo.com.