the toughest
e-bike around

Integrated lighting

As is the case for every part of the e-bike to go, we have chosen to implement the most durable solution into our e-bike’s lighting. The LED-lighting is actually integrated in the frame and thereby fully protected. Moreover, the LED-lighting is energy-saving in itself. The life-expectancy of our integrated LED is four times longer than that of conventional lighting.

belt drive

The gear drive of the e-bike – also called Belt Drive – is made of carbon. The Belt Drive is seen as a substantial innovation within the bicycle field. Contrary to the traditional bicycle chain, the Belt Drive is actually silent, clean and sustainable. Also, the Belt Drive never has to be oiled and always runs smooth.

Anti-puncture tires

The anti-puncture tires ensure that the e-bike is super solid. This extra layer specifically prevents glass pieces and other sharp objects from piercing through and causing a flat tire. Next to protection, the tires also produce extra comfort: the air in the inner tube absorbs impact. This creates a smooth e-bike experience. The outer tube ensures protection and grip while riding the e-bike.

XXL-battery and fast charger

The XXL-battery takes you anywhere you want. The 500 Watt battery is made of the highest quality lithium and has a range of at least 70 kilometers. In other words: with the right conditions, you are able to travel 70 kilometers, without charging the battery. Is your battery empty? No worries. With the fast charger your battery is fully charged within 4 hours. 


Below here, you can see the specs from the e-bike and battery

Ecomo 250W
Shimano Nexus 7 with coaster brake
Brake (front)
Shimano Nexus Rollerbrake
Schwalbe Marathon Plus 47 mm (anti-puncture)
Ursus Jumbo double kickstand
Frames lock
Axa Defender ART 2
Extra lock
AXA plug-in chain
Front carrier
Capacity 10 kg
250 Watt
7 speed
Frame size
50 (with adjustable seat, one size fits all)
Accessories (optional)
Child seat, smartphone holder
2.5 kg
Distance (max)
70 km
100% charged in 4 hours, 80% in 2 hours
504 Wh
80x90x300 mm


It’s simple. Pre-order your e-bike on this webpage. Within a couple of days we’ll contact you to confirm your application. Then we will schedule an appointment with you to collect your e-bike. Our pick-up point dates and locations can be found here.

For a weekly fee of only € 21,50, you can ride a high-quality e-bike to go carefree. This includes the e-bike as well as a swap service, maintenance, theft, and damage insurance.. With the XXL-battery you can reach up to 70 km with a full charge. The fast charger enables you to have a fully charged battery within 4 hours. Also, the subscription is monthly cancelable.

We’ll provide a safe and corona-proof delivery service for our e-bikes. You’ll pick up the e-bike at a central location in Ghent or Antwerp, in the open air. Our drivers are from non-red zones. Your e-bike will be cleaned and our colleagues will maintain a safe distance at all times. 

No problem! As long as you pick up the e-bike in Antwerp, Ghent or Brussels, you can use the e-bike anywhere across Belgium.

From november on, we’ll make a weekly visit to a central location in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. Here you can either pick up, return or swap an e-bike. Location and dates can be found here.

That’s possible! Do you receive a bike reimbursement from your employer? Then it’s very beneficial to lease an e-bike to go.

E-bike to go is the flexible e-bike subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any time. Do note: there will be one last invoice after the subscription has been canceled.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Send us a message on Whatsapp. We’ll answer as soon as possible. We’re available during business hours (Monday till Friday between 9:00 and 17.00).