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Privacy Statement e-bike to go


Noord I e-bike to go (hereafter also ‘we’) attaches great importance to your privacy. This Privacy Statement explains in a transparent manner how we handle your personal data (which is understood to mean any information about a person). Noord I e-bike to go uses the personal data it receives only for the purposes stated in this Privacy Statement. We are in full compliance with the obligations laid down in the GDPR to provide information to the people whose personal data we handle.

Who is responsible for handling your data?
Your personal data is handled by Noord I e-bike to go. Noord I e-bike to go is a trade name of EBTG BV, the HQ being located at Gyroscoopweg 50-1, 1042 AC Amsterdam, and registered in the trade register under number 62005723.

Handling your personal data

You or your employer provide us with information when entering into an agreement with us, filling in forms on our website, using our app or contacting us by telephone, email or otherwise. Noord I e-bike to go requires personal data to deliver its services and products.

The personal data in question includes:

  • Initials, first names, last names, birth date, addresses, email addresses and
    telephone numbers.
  • Bank or credit card details.
  • Location where an e-bike is unlocked and locked.
  • Geographical location (with permission).

Noord I e-bike to go does not handle any more data than is strictly necessary. The geographical location, for instance, is used to open and close the lock of an e-bike and set start and end times. Moreover, this data is used to help locate users and provide assistance in the event of a malfunction. Permission is explicitly requested for sharing the geographical data. Noord e-bike to go handles personal data in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Noord e-bike to go only handles data that you or your employer share with us in order to provide you with services for which you have given us permission.

For what purpose does E-bike to go handle your data?

Noord e-bike to go handles your data for the purposes described below.

Carrying out the agreement

Noord I e-bike to go requires personal data for things like creating an account, concluding an agreement, executing the agreement, invoicing, product improvement and making offers. In addition, Noord I e-bike to go determines the location of an e-bike at the time of its locking and unlocking on the basis of a MAC or IP address. This location data is not personalised. In addition, Noord I e-bike to go may contact you if the agreement calls for this. Noord e-bike to go may consult the personal details in order to prevent, combat and deal with fraud or theft or loss of a bicycle, and to protect its operations or property.

Complying with legal regulations

Noord I e-bike to go handles personal data to meet certain legal regulations. This may include compliance with statutory accounting obligations and tax regulations.

Legitimate interest

Noord I e-bike to go can also handle personal data on the grounds of a legitimate interest in order to ensure that its services are performed properly.


Finally, Noord I e-bike to go may process your personal data based on your permission.

Security and processing

Noord I e-bike to go strives to handle your personal data accurately and correctly and only does so when strictly necessary. Data is stored for a suitable period in this context.

Your data is well protected. Noord I e-bike to go takes appropriate organisational and technical security measures. Our systems and applications are protected in accordance with the applicable normal standards for information security. Noord I e-bike to go ensures that data is only provided to third parties for agreed purposes in the framework of a handling agreement.

Who receives your data?

The following persons and/or authorities may receive your personal data:

  • Third parties engaged by Noord I e-bike to go to handle personal data, such as payment services, credit card companies, hosting providers, accountancy firms, etc;
  • Public authorities, such as the police and the judiciary, or regulatory bodies, insofar as this is necessary to meet legal obligations.

If Noord I e-bike to go makes use of third parties in the implementation of the agreement, which itself does not determine the purpose or means of handling your personal data, then processing agreements are concluded with these third parties. This guarantees security and correct methods for protecting your personal data. Noord I -bike to go handles your data within the European Economic Area (EEA) and does not, in principle, provide it to third parties outside the EEA. If this should be the case, Noord I -bike to go takes special measures to ensure that the level of protection is at least equal to that stipulated by the GDPR.

For how long is your data stored?

Noord I e-bike to go stores your personal data for as long as is necessary for the implementation of the agreement. Other data is stored for a maximum of two years, unless there is a legal requirement to keep it for longer.

Your rights

Noord I e-bike to go respects your rights. If you wish to know which of your data Noord I e-bike to go handles and for which purposes, or you wish to change your personal data or have it deleted, please send us a request. You can send a request to view, change or delete your personal data by email to info@ebiketogo.com. Noord I e-bike to go may ask for proof of identification.

Experian Nederland B.V.

The moment you wish to become a customer, we provide your data to Experian Nederland B.V. (Experian). Experian will provide advice on your creditworthiness based on this information. Experian uses your data to investigate your creditworthiness. In addition, all your data regarding your payment behavior is shared with Experian in the context of countering payment risks and preventing problematic debts.

This means that if the service has been stopped as a result of payment arrears, this information may have consequences for entering into other agreements with (financial) obligations. If you want to object or want information about the use of your personal data by Experian, see: https://www.experian.nl/wettelijk/privacy-klaring.

Complaints and objections

If you have questions, feedback or complaints about our Privacy Statement, or if you wish to object to the processing of your personal data, you can contact us by sending an email to info@ebiketogo.com. If you feel there is an issue about the way your personal data is handled by Noord I e-bike to go, you also have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority via the website https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl.


Since the relevant legislation as well as our products and working methods are constantly subject to change, our Privacy Statement will also be changed regularly. The latest version is always published on Noord I e-bike to go’s website. In the event of a change in our services or the way in which we handle your personal data, we will notify you in advance and, if necessary, ask for permission before the new Privacy Statement takes effect.

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