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E-bike to go for business likes to help organizations to get going. Our solid e-bikes are the answer for many problems or questions. That’s why e-bike to go is also a match with Gorillas: the super fast delivery service that delivers groceries to your home within 10 minutes. The first e-bike to go’s are already riding around Berlin, where the company was founded. Yannick Niesen is, as the international expansion manager, responsible for the expansion to the Netherlands. Gorillas’ goals are to conquer all major European cities. How does e-bike to go fit into that picture? You can read it below.

Een quick sustainable route
Gorillas is a fast growing company that has expanded beyond the German borders in 2021. Gorillas focus lies on sustainability. To diminish CO2-emissions is essential to them. That’s why they prefer not to use traditional modes of transportation. Also, they experienced that riders often had to detour as there are a lot of roads that ban cars and scooters. This interfered with their fast delivery times. They needed a suitable and sustainable means of transport, which helped their riders to make a timely delivery.

The solution? A collaboration with e-bike to go. As Yannick tells us; “with the electric bike our riders maneuver through the city with a new flexibility. A scooter limits them in finding the fastest route”.

What do the riders think?
As a logistical solution e-bike to go is the last piece of the puzzle for Gorillas. But, what’s the rider’s opinion of the e-bike? “Our riders sit on the e-bike for multiple hours, so the e-bikes have to provide a certain standard of comfort”, as Yannick tells us. “The riders really like the speedy acceleration of the bike and also the relative ease when using the bike without the capacity of the battery”.

Yannick Niesen

International Expansion Manager of Gorillas – Berlin

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