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Let’s introduce
E-bike to go for business likes to help organizations to get going. Our e-bikes can be the answer for many problems or questions. This is exactly  what Thijs Sol, implementation manager of Takeaway.com , experienced. At this point they have a lot of e-bikes in use. In this case he explains which problem had occured and how e-bike to go was able to help.

“It is good to see that e-bike to go is always open to innovate and improve their services, which aides in our development”

Delivery bikes wanted
What do you do when your supplier can’t deliver enough delivery bikes? The answer: look for an organization who can help you to scale-up short term. Thijs tells us: “simply put: we needed more e-bike. Also, thedurability of the e-bike, the price and service were of importance to us”.  E-bike to go had a very fast solution which they’ve been able to provide continuously throughout the cooperation. “The e-bikes are always delivered within one of two weeks maximum”, thus Thijs. “They are reasonably priced, rugged and don’t need a lot of maintenance. Alos, the service is remarkable; an 8 out of 10!”

Grow together 
A company like Takeaway.com sees the mode of tranpsortation as an essential pillar in their business, and therefore continuously focuses on its innovation and improvement. As e-bikes have only become popular recently, they are still in development as well. “it is good to see that e-bike to go is open to innovation”, says Thijs. “We also got together at a later date to discuss ideas to improve the service, for example e-locks”. Takeaway.com encourages the implementation of new ideas to better their service for their customers.

Important benefits 
A great e-bike is very beneficial to Takeaway.com: easy in use for the delivery rider, velocity and sustainability are a couple examples. But, according to Thijs, the safety of the e-bike in relation to  the scooter is also a substantial factor. “With the e-bike you are pedaling yourself, and your speed does not exceed  25 kilmeters per hour. Moreover, you cycle on the biking lane, which reduces the risk to major injuries”. The delivery riders are almost always satisfied with the e-bike, especially because it has seven gears. “The only point of critique is the lack of suspension”, laughs Thijs. “It can be a bumpy ride on some roads”.

Thijs Sol

Implementation manager

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